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Alliance-Hemp-Co-Shop-Oregon-Hemp-CBD-Flower-Preroll-GasGas hemp flower and prerollsGas hemp CBD plant
Gas hemp flower and prerolls
Gas hemp CBD plant

Gas Sungrown D8 Infused Preroll



Known for its gassy unforgettable smell. A unique terpene profile similiar to the known Diesel, Chem & OG lines. A strain you’ll surely try again.

Use: Great any time use
Feel: Calm

Start, refresh or end your day with one of our premium quality, hemp pre rolls.

Less than .3% THC

Federally legal in all 50 states

Non intoxicating

Why Alliance pre rolls? The industry standard for CBD pre rolls contain leaf, stem, shake and or “other” herbs. We use 100%, hand trimmed, CBD flower.

All of our pre roll flower is:

– Organically grown on our own farms
– Made with 100% hemp flower tops
– 3rd party lab tested
– Assembled and prepared in house
– 1 gram
– Come in a child proof safety tube
– Clean Green Certified

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