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Isolate Tincture

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Stimulate your mind & body with CBD Isolate! Infused with real vanilla, slightly sweetened with monk fruit, we never compromise on quality!  Free from THC, terpenes and other plant compounds. Say hello to 99% pure CBD!

Our pure CBD isolate is sourced from our own Clean Green Certified farms. Premium ingredients you can trust!

Sublingual hemp oils infused with herbs and essential oils, designed for everyday use. Available in 1 fl oz bottles with 1000mg CBD.

Great for anytime use.

Contains 0% THC Federally legal in all 50 states.

This product has not been approved by the FDA to cure, treat or prevent any diseases. Consult a physician before taking any medications, if your pregnant or breastfeeding.

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1 review for Isolate Tincture

  1. Chelsea Collins

    LOVE THIS! Because of my job, i cant take the full spectrum oil. this works great for me! I recommend the daily to a lot of my friends

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