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Lemon Kush Sungrown Flower

(8 customer reviews)


Sativa Hybrid

A citrus smell combined with an equal mix of Kush. Closely mimics the known THC strain, tangy. This is just one of our sought after premium CBD strains.

Use: Great any time use
Feel: Calm

All of our hemp flower is Clean Green Certified Organic. Cultivated on our southern Oregon farms, by experienced cannabis growers. We guarantee all of our CBD flower to be of the highest quality & federally legal in all 50 states. All of our CBD flower & products are 3rd party lab tested and ship to all 50 states.


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8 reviews for Lemon Kush Sungrown Flower

  1. Matt Ripken

    TOP FAVORITE! The smell taste and and smoke is amazing. One of my absolute favorites next to OG kush. I always feel like I can trust buying from them because I know exactly where it comes from. Great customer service

  2. Chelsea Collins

    this is my fav strain so far. smells and tastes so good. they gave me a lighter and some stickers to!

  3. Chelsea Collins

    its good

  4. Chelsea Collins

    the lemon terpenes are KILLER. I found these guys at the texas hemp show. Started with a free gas pre roll and im almost done trying our every strain. The quality really stands out compared to a lot of the hemp flower i have seen

  5. Chelsea Collins

    found the lemon and some others from alliance from a smoke shop in cali this flower smells nice. the look is like the real thing!

  6. Travis Carter (verified owner)

    I tried three flavors on my first order all of them was unbelievable. Now I’m going to get a large amount. This stuff is a must try look,taste and smell like the real thing

  7. Kaya

    This was my 2nd purchase after trying the OG Kush which is also 5 star. This lemon kush is Great quality, the smell, taste, effects are great, and the burn is clean! After trying others companies, I think Im gonna stick with Alliance. Keep up with the great quality.

  8. chevon1109 (verified owner)

    Was ok…i got a half p. Half was green other half purple, smell was nothing to talk about. Hopefully the og kush is better if i order again.

    • Chelsea Collins

      Thank you for the feedback! The flower you received was likely from our 2019 harvest. It does lose it’s nose after a while. We do currently have all fresh harvest! Sun grown flower will usually always have a variation in color. However our indoor version is more controlled. Both options will be available! Same with our OG KUSH, we now have fresh harvest and both indoor and sun grown available. Send us an email for a special code when you do come back for an order!

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