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Lemon Kush Terpsolate


Our terspsolates start at 99% pure CBD crystals, 0% THC. They are then infused with our very own, strain specific REAL cannabis plant terpenes. Not synthetic terpenes and not from “other” plants.

Terpenes can be thought of as the essential oils from the plants. They are what provide the entourage effects. As well as many other different benefits. Each gram provides at least 750mg or more of cbd & terpenes per gram. Each strain has its own identifiable smell & flavor. It is thought that the terpenes are what provide the most benefits.

Our strain specific cannabis plant terpenes are steam distilled from freshly cut flower, right off of our Clean Green Certified Hemp farms.

You can add the terpsolates to a dab rig, vaporizer or crumbled on top of our CBD & CBG flowers to add additional CBD & terpenes to your smoke!

0% THC, premium cannabis plant terpsolates.
By Alliance Hemp Co
Seed to sale, premium & honest CBD.

Available in 1 gram jars.

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