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sauce-flower-wet-alliance-hemp-coSauce hemp CBD plantSauce CBD flower in jar
Sauce hemp CBD plant
Sauce CBD flower in jar

Sauce Sungrown Flower

(4 customer reviews)


Sativa Hybrid

This exotic cbd is an uplifting, sativa dominant hybrid. Great for morning and daytime use.

Use: Great any time use
Feel: Calm

All of our hemp flower is clean green certified and organically grown on our southern Oregon Farms by experienced growers & cultivators. We gaurantee all of our flower to be of the highest quality, meeting all of the legal requirements and can be purchased in various sizes and strains. All of our flower is 3rd party lab tested and available to you.

Our smokeable hemp flower is known to help promote happy moods and better sleep as well as a relaxed mind, body, and soul. Completely compliant with the farm bill act and legal in all 50 states.

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4 reviews for Sauce Sungrown Flower

  1. Chelsea Collins

    picked these up at a shop in Maryland. We get where the name Sauce comes from, the intense and acrid dank aroma that spills out of the container upon opening , super KIND which sets up the anticipation for consuming this fine specimen. The flower retained a nice sponginess to the touch and with humidity in check the cure expressed itself in the perfecto nose on this batch. kudos to Alliance Hemp

  2. Travis

    The quality of all their strains are above par. We’ve tried so many brands and this stuff easily sets them apart from the average.

  3. Laqueada Martinez

    So the Sauce is by far my favorite out of all the strains I’ve tried, it has a very pungent smell and tastes good.

  4. Tina white (verified owner)

    I have purchased from Alliance multiple times, and will continue to purchase from them. All of their products exceed expectations! Me and my husband have not received a product from this company that did not meet our expectations!

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