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Why Clean Green Certified CBD is Important

Alliance Hemp Co. is Clean Green certified.

What does that mean? Does it change product quality and cannabis cultivation practices? Should all cannabis companies seek Clean Green certification?

What is Clean Green?

Clean Green is available to cannabis producers, processors, handlers, and products used in cannabis cultivation. It is a staple certification program with cannabis industry-specific standards, allowing consumers to identify products that meet “organic” standards equal to the USDA.

We choose Clean Green because they specialize in cannabis and hemp cultivation. Which means we do everything possible to make sure our hemp is exactly what you’re looking for.

Currently the country’s largest cannabis certification program, Clean Green is offered in six U.S. States and Puerto Rico. It has been in the industry for 15 years, having already certified 175 clients and 60,000+ pounds of cannabis per year! This does not even include trim and small buds used for extracts and edibles.

The founder states: “All Green Clean inspectors have the same qualifications or more than a county agriculture inspector – with Bachelor’s degrees in agriculture or a related science, as well as five years of experience in the industry.”

What are the requirements for Clean Green Certification?

Input Products

All cannabis and cannabis products must use pre-approved inputs allowed under national and state organic programs. This includes: seeds, soils, slones, pesticides, nutrients, edible manufacturing ingredients, and all other products used to create crops, extracts, and edibles.

Facility Inspection

All facilities must undergo a yearly inspection. This inspection focuses on plant health and how cultivation practices impact the surrounding environment. This includes identifying mold, mites, and other pest issues affecting product safety and quality.

Inspection also examines the source of water, electricity, and how the facility influences its environment. Important aspects of the inspection are drainage, soil erosion, and the surrounding environment’s health.

Final Product

The final product means many things, including cannabis flower, extracts, edibles, topicals, and more. The final product must be:

  • Free of prohibited inputs, mold, and pests
  • Packaged according to regulations
  • Paired with a tracking number

What are the benefits of Clean Green certified products?

Environmental sustainability

The majority of requirements for Clean Green certification focus on environmental health and impact. They include using a legal source of water, runoff protection barriers to prevent nitrogen-rich nutrient runoff into nearby streams and creeks, and natural pesticide control methods.

Like any growing practices, cannabis cultivation can still cause harm to the environment if not done properly. Since cannabis is not officially USDA-recognized, it is unfortunately common for many cannabis companies to participate in toxic practices. Not only does that negatively impact our environment and products, but it adds to the negative stigma sometimes associated with cannabis.

Clean Green certified companies actively work to change that stigma, positively impacting the environment and its future.

Consumer health and safety as a priority

Willingly undergoing the most rigorous, nationwide cannabis certification program, Clean Green farms and products prioritize consumers’ well-being. All cannabis and byproducts are thoroughly examined for pesticides, solvents, mold, and other harmful residues. Research shows these harmful compounds contribute to various health and environmental problems.

Like with standard agricultural and food processing industries, only Clean Green outlets are licensed to handle Clean Green products.

If Clean Green certified, your products are high quality and cared for with the utmost attention to detail.

Passion and commitment to cannabis

For now, unless a company wants to use the label, Clean Green certification is completely voluntary for cannabis cultivation.

Certified members volunteer for the immense time, effort, and detail that goes into the process. This shows incredible commitment and passion for cannabis and the industry.


With Clean Green, the consumer always knows exactly what goes into the products they use. Transparent practices and services help consumers feel safe, understand the product, and how it works for their body.

How will Clean Green impact the future of cannabis?

Reduce environmental harm

Clean Green companies play an active role in reducing environmental harm and future destruction. Pioneers in sustainability and conservation, they dedicate time to improving water efficiency, energy efficiency, and reusing, reclaiming and recycling resources.

This could impact not only the future of cannabis cultivation but the environment itself. If more companies and their products certified as Clean Green, this could greatly help the numerous climate and environmental issues we now deal with worldwide.

Practices committed to sustainability are automatically committed to a sustainable future.

Higher quality cannabis

Clean Green cannabis is free of harmful residues. Solvents, pesticides, molds, and more show so many negative effects on our bodies and surroundings. So Clean Green plants’ actions are not influenced by anything but the plants’ synergy. Without all the additives interfering with the plant, the cannabinoids and other compounds are free to work more efficiently.

The connection between clean and quality cannabis is apparent, as many Clean Green products have been awarded Cannabis Cups.

Prioritizing consumers as people

With Clean Green helping remove unhealthy products saturating the CBD market, an ideal future is all cannabis products requiring certification. This puts the focus on consumers as people with needs, instead of marketing a product for money. It prioritizes people’s safety and health, which is vital in a world where people suffer from so many chronic and debilitating illnesses.

This trusted label is professionally created and respected, displaying a passion for quality cannabis and sustainable farming.

Alliance Hemp Co. is proud to be Clean Green Certified. Our priority is a sustainable future for healthy people and earth.

Chelsea Collins
  • Wilbur Majors
    May 4

    Good day I was reaching out because I have shoulder and hernia pain and cannot have surgery, what would be a good flower for that .

    Thanks Wil

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